We are the Serotonin Syndrome team.
We are located in Moscow, Russia.

Ivan Glushenkov

Ivan (LinkedIn) is team leader.
He is interesed in cryptography and the blockchain technology.
He has managed a number of software projects.
He is the founder of Russian Hack Team and co-founder of Phystech.Genesis.

Viktor Krapivensky

Viktor (LinkedIn) is programmer.
He is interested in software design, compilers, systems programming.
He is an author of a number of open-source projects.
He has participated in Google Summer of Code in 2017.

Raed Romanov

Raed (LinkedIn) is distributed systems engineer and programmer.

Dmitry Kamaldinov

Dmitry (LinkedIn) is programmer and mathematician.


LLVM support in isekai

We implemented support for LLVM in the verifiable computation framework isekai.
For more information, see the following articles: update #1, update #2, update #3.


We developed liboffkv, a library that provides a uniform interface for 3 different distributed key-value storages.
See also the Go version of liboffkv.


LAToken hackathon

4th place: smart contract for tokenization of different kinds of assets.

Global Changers hackathon

1st place: a client support bot system.

IDACB & CryptoBazar hackathon

1st place: chat application based on proxy re-encyption protocol.

Phystech.Genesis hackathon

1st place: mobile application for traveling.

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking: October

3rd place: PoC software raytracer using Intel SGX.

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking: November

1st place: LLVM IR interpreter with register-based VM.

Mentorship at CryptoBazar Serial Hacking: December

We mentored two teams that took 2nd and 3rd places.

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking: Grand Finale

1st place: network traffic record/replay tool.


2nd place: automatic detection of deviations in a video stream.