Obfuscare is a startup aiming to provide robust obfuscation for WebAssembly to prevent tampering and reverse-engineering.
We will also provide ad-hoc automatic audio/video codec generation for multimedia content protection, with decoders for client devices in WebAssembly.
We believe WebAssembly is the future of the web, and seek to be the first-mover in this field.

Next-generation obfuscation

Obfuscare will provide a holistic obfuscation that intermingles all the executable code and data.
Using various techniques for introducing tight coupling between different segments of code and data, our obfuscator generates an executable in which everything is coupled with everything via everything else, difficult to disentangle.
Our approach is based on ad-hoc generation of virtual machine specification for each compilation.

On-demand multimedia codec generation

YouTube and really a lot of other sites currently provide multimedia content completely unencrypted.
We believe that in the WebAssembly age, this is no longer going to be the case.
We will provide a subscription to new multimedia codecs automatically generated from a random seed every day, with decoders for clients and encoders for servers.

Whom by?

We are the Serotonin Syndrome team.
We have done a number of projects, mainly in compilers and distributed systems.

Become a sponsor

We will produce a paper mentioning you as a sponsor.
Additionally, you will get a free subscription once the product is ready.
For more details, please contact us by the means provided below.

Contact us

Email: glushenkov dot ig at phystech dot edu
Phone: +7(916)8684356